Did you ever have the experience of waking up inside a dream and you were getting aware, that it is a dream you are in right now? This is the state of Lucid Dreaming and with this course, you will get more knowledge and guidance to let this state happen on purpose and whenever you want.

In this E-Class Lucid Dreaming, you will be guided through several teachings related to Lucid Dreaming how the Curanderos from Vera Cruz were practising it. You will receive a package composed of videos, documents and an audio file to go deeper into the dimension of the Dreams.

144 Shapes Light Language Grid

 - how does it feel to be truly rich? are you ready to emanate the essence of richness? -

When you feel rich, your self-value increase and your relationship with money shifts from a level of neediness to a place of wisdom, generosity and playfulness.

When you truly feel Rich, you can better value yourself and your work, so you are able to ask for what you need and to price your services fairly, so to honestly and happily receive your salary with an open heart.

A Light Language Grid is a consciousness work, you can look at it, meditate on it, or just breathe it in every time your eyes meet it.