Welcome to our educational centre.
Here you find precious lessons and ancient wisdom. For you to upgrade your consciousness, enrich your ability to heal and support other people's healing process.

We offer here instruments to play your life at a new level of enjoyment, to make your heart beats emanate joyful melodies.

  • Spirit Guides

    Spirit Guides are always with us, learn how to work with them so to receive their precious messages.
  • Mexican Shamans

    “Every energy you send out in the world turns into a prayer”
  • Multi Level Magic

    Learn an ancient magical knowledge to work with the energetic matrix around you. Build your Perfect Containment Field.
  • Dreams

    Enter the field of Conscious Dreaming and discover the magic of the night
  • Light Language

    Light Language is the primordial language of Life, precedes the human advent on Earth and the creation of Earth itself. It is the common language spoken by all the existing things and all the living beings.