Lichtsprache in Steinhagen 4.-8. Mai 2016

LL Head

-English below-

Lichtsprache ist die ursprüngliche Sprache des Lebens, noch weit bevor der Mensch auf dieser Erde entstand. Es ist die gemeinsame Sprache, die alle existierenden Dinge und lebenden Wesen sprechen. Es ist die Sprache, welche das Universum nutzt, um sich selbst in seiner Vielfalt an Schöpfung auszudrücken.

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Light Language is the the primordial language of Life, precedes the human advent on Earth and the creation of Earth itself. It is the common language spoken by all the existing things and all the living beings.

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Radically Shift the Health’s Meaning

Pain, physical issues and mental troubles are concrete messages that show us a need of change and take care of ourselves. Starting to listen and being able to translate this message is the way to let the healing process begin. A long-lasting health, well rooted and based on the expansion of the consciousness of ourselves is what I believe in. Integrating Moderne Medicine, Homeopathy and Shamanic Medicine, we have the possibility to find a peculiar path of healing for every single person: health is a way to be in the world, and everybody has his own special way.

It is needed space for the human being to unfold his layers, to show his pearl, to get rid of structures and to connect back to himself.

What we call Healing is supporting people in navigating their life.

Life is the space you give yourself to live in, and our aim is to expand it without limitations. We support you to compassionately unfold your structures, overcome your blockages and go fully in touch with your life,

We offer our guidance in a safe space for this transformative process.

We support you in the whole progression of growth, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We believe that everything that exist now as “medicine” can be useful. we integrate western medicine, homeopathy and energetic healings. We don’t believe in exclusion but in expansion.

There is no medicine that works for everybody, no diet that fits for all the digestions, no truth that anyone can accept.

Each person is a whole universe.